Month: June 2002

Scooby Snacks Anonymous

Scooby Snacks Anonymous: Do you have a problem with scooby snacks? Only you can answer that question for yourself. However, taking the following quiz may help to put your relationship to scooby snacks in perspective for you. If you end

Our Rights Were Derived From God? What?

On the recent ruling about removing the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance: President Bush found the ruling “ridiculous,” saying today it was “out of step with the traditions and history of America” as he promised to appoint

Gay Pride celebrations

This really sums up, better than I can do it, what I feel about Gay Pride celebrations, and why we should change ours in Indianapolis.

Pledge of Allegiance

9th Circuit Court Judges Ban Pledge of Allegiance From Schools, Citing ‘Under God’ A federal appeals court here declared today that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because the phrase ”one nation under God” violates the separation of church and

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What’s on my Amazon Wish List?

What’s on my Amazon Wish List? Hippolyta. Or the always popular Wonder Woman. Goody, I’ve always wanted my own Amazon for Xmas. Wait a minute. You can’t get Amazons at what a gyp.