Month: May 2002

DVD Special Features Nobody Wants

DVD Special Features Nobody Wants A pretty funny list of stuff that won’t really cause people to by a DVD.

Let’s ignore our mother’s well-meant advice

Here’s something my sister sent to me:

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The webcam may be a very real possibility… it’s much easier and cheaper than I thought to rig one up. I foresee this being a lot of fun. (2014 update: never got a webcam. Just venting frustration.)

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Backyard torn up again

I got home from work yesterday and discovered that, for the third time, someone had driven through my backyard and torn up the grass. I’m going to rig a webcam up to the back window of my house. In other

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Weekend Update

So, I should probably say something about Memorial Day weekend. I wouldn’t say it was the best weekend of my life. I did get to spend Saturday with my Mom and my niece Riley, which was very cool. We picked

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