Month: November 2001

Visited with Cate

I made an offer on the house… it’s pretty cool but needs a lot more work than I had expected. So now we wait. Again. Seeing Cate was great- we went to P.F. Changs and ate and plotted my next

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The Sims

So tonight I get to see another house– maybe the one I’ll buy. Cool! Also, Cate’s in town and she’s coming over to see it with me, then we’re going out to eat.

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Control of the world cannot be handed over to evil men

In the battle between against evil, when all peaceful options are exhausted, men of good conscience must get up and fight. Control of the world cannot be handed over to evil men by good people too weak-willed to stand up

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Me on TV!! Woo Hoo!!

My wackiness is finally paying off… I talked with Dick Wolfsie of Channel 8 news this morning about doing a news story on my “Big Things” photo galleries. Woo Hoo! It seems he’s also writing a book on wierd and

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Interest rates

Damn. Interest rates have been jumping the last couple of days, so if I do find a house, it won’t be as good a deal and I’ll be paying a higher mortgage rate than I would if I’d gotten the

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