Month: October 2001

made an offer

I made an offer on the house I like, and I get to see it this afternoon. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I hope it all works out or I swear I’m going to be suicidal.

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new lead

I have a lead on a new house that I like. It was one I was looking into before, but the situation was complicated then, so I went for the other house. The situation is a bit less complicated now,

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no pumpkin house

Found out Thursday that I’m not going to get the house I’m renting. The deal fell through on the owner’s side of things. It didn’t appraise for what he was asking for, and he has too much $$ in it

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You are open-minded and quick

“You are open-minded and quick to make new friends.” This is less of a “fortune” cookie, and more of an encouraging “wishful-thinking” type cookie “In love you could shine as a brilliant star.” Or, I could be as gooky as

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Chapel Perilous

Pretty cool site. So, My closing date is a week away, and I’ve done everything I can possible do, but the termite problem isn’t taken care of, the foundation isn’t taken care of, and the radon is still a problem,

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