Month: September 2001


This Salon article I found expresses well what I’ve been trying to figure out how to put into words over the last week. I don’t believe the terrorist attacks are something we brought on ourselves because of our foreign policy

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Operation Infinite Justice?

Operation Infinite Justice? A ten-year war on terrorism like the war on drugs. Okay. Clearly the president has no plan.

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emotional roller coaster

This week has been a roller coaster, that’s for certain. It sucks that the week I started to looking for a house to buy (what, I didn’t mention that before?) all of this happened, so I’ve gone from feelings about

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Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life

Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life. In otherwords, if I’m unhappy, it’s my own fault? Hands that touch this fortune shall remain young and strong. Of course, I made everyone touch the fortune. Got to look out

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let’s declare war

I know there are people saying that we can’t declare war…. yes we can, and I think, reading between the lines, that that is what the President, Colin Powell, and the congress are saying we will do. If it is

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