Month: July 2001

Grandparents 60th Anniversary

I spent the weekend in Iowa at my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. It was really wonderful (except for the sermon during church in which I was duly informed that I’m decadent and thus going to hell. It’s always exciting to

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In love you could shine as a brilliant star

In love you could shine as a brilliant star Hell, in love, I can’t even get a date.

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Extremely Cool Design

Wow. Sometimes you’ll find a website that just blows you away.

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Sexist Billboard

So when I drive down Keystone, there’s a billboard I pass every day, advertising a brand of beer, which I won’t mention. “Never interrupt a man who might buy you a beer” the billboard says, with a picture of a

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A-Team Dreaming

I speculated the other day that I would, now that I’m working in XML directly in the tags, start having XML dreams like I used to about HTML. But no. The dream I had last night was about the new

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