Month: March 2001

The Rich and Taxes

Excellent quote from Salon: I am speaking here semi-professionally, as an economics professor (currently at Purdue, but I taught at the University of Chicago for five years, so my conservative bona fides are in order). It is not the case

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The Mighty Organ

Here’s a cool website that appears to have just started up. The Mighty Organ. Three interesting articles that caught my eye right away – Roscrucians, the Gnome Liberation Front, and Dull Chic. I definitely bookmarked this. My list of stuff

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moving to the pumpkin house

The big move took place last Sunday (3/18) and it all went really smoothly. My dad & step-mom, brothers Todd & Scott, sister-in-law Bethany, and sister Stacy all helped out. The one thing I forgot to do was grab my

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Poor Customer Service Experience

I bought two mattresses last Saturday (March 10th) at Kittle’s Rooms Express and when I paid for them, I arranged to have them delivered tomorrow (Saturday, March 17th). They were supposed to call me at work and arrange the delivery

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I’m about half-way moved into the new place and have been staying there for a while; my sister is staying at the old apt with the cat, who’s birthday I missed (the cat’s not the sister’s) in all the hoopla

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