Month: August 2000

Young Americans

The summer season of the WB’s show “Young Americans” ended last night. This is, certainly, one of the strangest shows I’ve seen on TV It’s almost a homoerotic wet dream with dozens of gorgeous, doe-eyed, apple-cheeked, buffed young men running

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01 – Six Pacs – The Getaway People – Turnpike Diaries 02 – Sundown – Elwood – The Parlance of Our Time 03 – Tonight & The Rest Of My Life – Nina Gordon – Tonight & The Rest Of

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Songs That Turn Me On

This started out to be a CD of songs about sex, but I realized some of the songs that I find arousing aren’t necessarily about sex at all… Like number 7 through 11, which are all songs that have a

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Songs I Sing When I’m in Love (Love Series vol. 2)

These are really songs that I liked when I was a kid more than anything; if I were really to try to create a CD of songs I sing when I’m in love, it would fill 9 CDs or so.

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Songs To Stalk Someone By (love series vol. 3)

This CD wasn’t originally part of the “Love” series; originally it was supposed to be “kissing”, “love”, and “sex”. But somehow the kissing CD never got off the ground. This CD came about after a dinner-time discussion of Sting’s “Behind

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